Kiebpoli Calnek is an aerial performer, instructor, and entrepreneur who teaches aerial rope and silks classes from a Williamsburg studio. She has performed in various venues throughout New York City, and hopes to perform all over the country with her company, BLACK*ACROBAT.

ArteRotica: Surrender as part of the AfroPunk After Dark series will be a wonderland of excitement with an erotic art exhibition, live body painting, musical collaborations, pop up expressions and performances of pure eroticism. You don't want to miss the sensual experience of ArteRotica, where all of your senses will be stimulated.

Filmed in the summer of 2013 at Ponderosa Movement and Discovery in Germany. Artists Featured: Aaron Water, Jules Beckman, Raphael Xavier, Kiebpoli Calnek, Joy Mariama Smith, Evelyn R Manlove, Cat Perry, Pablo Virgo, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Germaine Ingram

In "Movement Posed Afresh" the aerialist Kiebpoli Calnek performs on corde lisse, a circus skill that involves acrobatics on a single vertically hanging rope, without a net. Her costume was made in relation to the colors known of Calder, and an ambient drone soundtrack of helicopters swooping far and near fills the voluminous space. Here, the figure is re-introduced as a mobile sculpture incarnate, completing a circular trajectory. The new loop is a singular history in a 360 degree motion. The result is another state of thought in proximity to the airplane but more at home with the rotating blades of the helicopter. "Movement Posed Afresh" is a trajectory of thought, moving through the history of Calder's art. In Andres Laracuente's performance a fourth step is taken on behalf of the deceased artist. Laracuente has created a sense of unfinished business.